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Join Mara Adventures on a once in a lifetime ocean adventure.


Mara Adventures was born from a deep love of the ocean. We believe in curating high quality, safe and enjoyable adventures in, on or under the sea. We believe that connection to the ocean is the cornerstone of wanting to protect it.


We are about salty adventures, wholesome fun and connections to each other and our blue planet. 

So why not learn how to freedive in Scotland, come on a Sailing Adventure or island based Adventure Retreat?

What We Do

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Recently returned from the 'Rewild and Free' sailing & freediving expedition and what an unforgettable and inspiring trip it was! 🥰 For anyone who feels an affinity for  Scotland and the ocean this trip is just epic!!  Laura sets the scene (relaxation, breathwork, yoga, diet) for freediving success and for really connecting with yourself and the ocean.
Laura is an inspiration and I felt completely safe at all times both emotionally and in the water. This trip came at a time in my life when I desperately needed to be reminded of my passions and for that reason it has been life changing 🥰
Guest, Rewild & Free

Guest, Wild Women & Ocean Magic


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