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Yoga can be an awesome tool for getting out of the thinking mind and into the body. It could look like a series of movements, strung together in a flow (vinyasa) or something more slow and gentle with long holds in the poses (yin). Alternatively it could look more like interpretations of shaking, moving, wiggling and jiggling. Whether you're a seasoned ashtangi or a total newbie, the style of yoga that we will do on board will be fun, trauma informed and totally different. The invitation is to get to know your own body, mind and spirit better. 


Breathwork is making quite a name for itself in the wellness circles at the moment, from the Wim Hof method to Holotropic Breathing to Pranayama, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. So what is Breathwork?


Put simply, it is the manipulation of the breath through different techniques to vary the length of the breath and the balance between the inhale and the exhale. It may include breath holding. 

Bringing conscious awareness to the breath can promote either a calmer or more energised state depending on the style of the breathing exercises used. In this way breathwork is one of the greatest 'state shifters' in our human tool kit. With increasing amount of scientific research out there to prove that utilising breathwork as part of a daily practise can  reduce overall stress levels!

Therefore we hope to explore different methods of breathwork, from the more performative Oxygen Advantage lens to a more relaxed technique on board so you will  be able to take what aligns with you away back into your daily life, and reap the potential rewards. 

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Come take a moment and invite stillness into the body. The style of meditation we do on board combines mindfulness with body connection, this style of meditation can be very accessible to participants. It invites you to accept  your wandering mind and to turn focus towards the senses, the body and the space around you. 

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is raw chocolate high in antioxidants and magnesium. For centuries it has been used by cultures in South America as a plant medicine and 'heart opener.' Onboard all Mara Adventures trips we will be partaking in a cacao ceremony, where we will intentionally drink a delicious hot cacao followed by guided breathwork and movement in conjunction with a full moon! This can be potent, as we sit in circle, witness each other and release anything that is no longer serving us! 

Practice with Laura

Find out about upcoming classes and workshops in Edinburgh and the West Coast. Classes will the added below. Or contact us directly with any questions.

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