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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of FAQs which you may find beneficial to have a read through before applying. If you feel we have missed anything or have a question for us please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Image by Mostafa Ashraf Mostafa


Do I have to be able to swim to come aboard?

Yes! we ask that all participants on both expeditions can comfortably swim 400 meters. Whilst this trip is designed to build confidence in the water, we ask this as a basic requirement from a safety perspective. 

Do I need to bring any gear?

If you own your own wetsuit we strongly recommend bringing it along with you. The water temperature is quite fresh, so we recommend at least a 7mm if you are diving. Also if you have snorkelling gear like a mask, snorkel and fins, bring them too. If you are on the freediving trip, we highly recommend bringing your own familiar kit. We will be providing two freediving buoys on board and will have surplus weights. If you don't have any suitable gear, we are working with a local dive shop who you will be able to hire a wetsuit from and we will have masks and snorkels on board. 

Will there be a kit list?
Yes! Once your application form for either trip has been accepted we will send you a detailed kit list. You will not be required to bring any bedding. 

I am a solo traveler, is this trip suitable? 
Both trips are designed to create connections with new and likeminded individuals, so hopefully you will leave the trip with new friends.
I am non binary, can I come on the Women's trip? 
The women's trip is open to anyone who identifies as female and both cis-gendered and non-binary people. 
I am plus size will this trip be suitable? 
Of course! We want this trip to be accessible to all and hope that this trip is inclusive. Most activities on board do require a baseline level of fitness and we ask that you are able to be comfortable swimming 400 meters. If this is concerning, get in touch and we can work out a training plan with you!
How do I get to Oban? 
Oban is situated on the west coast of Scotland and is accessible by public transport, the trips are planned from Sunday - Saturday, so there is leeway to use the day before and day after as travel days. There are lots of affordable airbnbs/guesthouses/backpacker options in Oban for the night before and night after the trip.

On Board

What is the water temperature? 
Water temperature in July is around 12/13 degrees, iSeptember 13/14 degrees. 

Do I need any sailing experience? 
No! We will all be guided by the skipper and crew on how to help sail the ship. 

Will I get sea-sick?
If you feel sea sick there are a combination of remedies that you can take and also over the counter medicines. If you are concerned, please feel free to reach out and have a chat. 

Will I be sharing a room?
Yes the cabins are based on two people sharing. 

What are the facilities like on board?
There are shared, comfortable bathrooms with hot water showers that you can use every night.

What about personal space?
The nature of being onboard a sailing vessel means personal space is limited-  all part of the experience!

What if I get my period? 
No worries! You can take it as easy as you need. We will have a hot water bottle on board. There are sanitary bins / sinks that you can use to dispose of sanitary items or wash out menstrual cups with. 

What if I am unwell?
We will have a first aid kit on board and we are first aid trained. We will also have an emergency action plan in case of medical evacuation. 

Do you cater for dietary requirements?
We will provide all meals on board which will be healthy and hearty to keep us fuelled for the activities. Please let us know about any dietary requirements in advance so we can prepare for these accordingly. We will do our best to ensure we cater to your dietary requirements, however if you make a request (gluten free vegan for instance) we ask that you stick to your requirement throughout the week. 

Can I drink alcohol on board?
There is no alcohol supplied on board, so if you wish to drink on the trip, you will need to bring this with you. No alcohol can be consumed prior to any in water activities and we ask any drinking whilst on board is kept to a moderate level. If the group wants to have a party once we reach land, that is something we can facilitate. 



Do you have a payment plan? 
Once you have applied and have been accepted to come onboard, we can arrange a call to discuss what payment plan options are best for you!

How do I pay?
Once your application has been reviewed and accepted we will contact you and arrange either payment through bank transfer or paypal.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions to familiarise yourself with this

Do I need insurance?
We highly recommend insuring your trip. If you are on the Freedive and Sail trip, diving insurance must be taken out. 

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