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Freediving is a way to explore the magic of the ocean without a tank, on a single breath.  The experience itself can be meditative and internal, down a line to depth, or it can be an exploritory snorkel or 'fun dive' diving into the underwater world and observing the beauty that dwells there. Because freediving relies upon connecting with yourself and your breath, before, during and after the dive it can be a very mindful and powerful experience. 

Interested in learning how to freedive in Scotland? Please connect with us. 

SSI Freediving Courses and Pool Training for Certified Freedivers.



We will be releasing our 2024 teaching dates in March. Expect regular monthly SSI Freediving courses throughout Scotland. We offer both beginner and more advanced courses.


We are currently running ad hoc pool training sessions for certified freedivers around Scotland. 

If you would like to join an autonomous, fortnightly pool freediving training session, in Stirling, please contact our partners over at Freedom diving. Email James for more information and dates here.

 I look forward to diving with you. 

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